Sunday, April 29, 2007

10 reasons why I should stay being Gay, Loud and Proud

I have this gay friend who transformed from a loud diva to just a plain-boring-straight-acting-gay. The reason why he did that is because he thinks that it is the biggest reason why he is still single at the age of 20. I totally denounced that because there are lots of loud gay men out there who had and have relationships with other gay men without even visiting "HOOKER'S VILLE". My friend would say that I should also start acting that way because he knows that I am desperately seeking for love. I just answered him, "if a person really loves me he should accept me whatever and whoever I am." I said that to him because I hate pretending like I'm someone else just to win a guy's heart. But don't get me wrong 'coz I'm not the type of gay that you can find in cheap salons here in the Philippines. I have class, I have a college degree from a good university, I live in an exclusive village in Makati for God's sake. So I decided to write a list about reasons why I should stay the way I am. I have nothing against straight acting gay men just for the record, I just can't see myself being like that.

These are my 10 reasons why i should stay being Gay, Loud and Proud!

1. I can't abandon my gift of music (e.g. belting out in falsetto, singing Soprano arias and hitting super highnotes)

2. Me being so gay that I can immitate moves from music videos easily (e.g. the "uh oh" crazy in love dance move, the Shakira-esque belly dancing)

3. I am so in touch with my bitchiness BUT in a good way (is there such thing as a good bitch? haha)

4. I am a very big Mariah fan ( I so love her that everybody would tell me that i move like her when i'm on stage)

5. DIVA has been my pseudonym for years now.

6. I love hearing and reading about celebrities' Prima Donna antics... I also want to emulate all of it in real life (e.g. the demands of Miranda Priestly, the late Maria Callas, Diana Ross, Mariah etcetera)

7. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace and the list goes on and on...

8. I am very temperamental just like the late opera diva Maria Callas

9. I can't think of myself waking up one morning and decide that I should look, act and dress like a straight MAN urgh!

10. I am too damn flamboyant!

Well those were some of the stuffs that i just can't leave behind. It has been a part of me ever since I became aware that I'm gay. Sometimes I am so thankful that I discovered, he has been such an inspiration to me when it comes to my image issues. I so praise him for being able to strut around the Metro carrying Louis Vuitton hand bags and wearing 4 inch designer shoes. "Le Superstar Fabuleux" indeed!