Wednesday, December 26, 2007

thank you

i like guys who can write... thank you Aaron for composing these words for me. I really appreciate it..

Dec. 16, '07
"Don't be scared now and pls. don't cry...
I'm here to stay at strange times..."

It makes me feel that I'm not alone here in this world of adversities.
Once again, thank you...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Beyonce Experience

The Beyonce Experience live in Taguig

She was amazing, her moves are amazing, her voice is amazing and her body is amazing though there are some visible cellulites at the back of her thighs.. anyways here are some of the pictures I took during the concert.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
oohhh sing...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hit those highnotes B.!

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cameltoe alert! haha

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oh huge thighs!

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you're irreplaceable...

here's Listen live in Taguig:

forgive me for singing during the climax of the song. I just can't help but hit the high notes haha..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wonder Woman

I can't believe that I accepted 2 office jobs and simultaneously pursuing my Graduate Studies! hahahaha

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Imbued with unending grace"

Wow. This was taken during our Baccalaureate Mass on the UST grounds last March. The Main building being surrounded by students never looked that good. When I saw this pic, I never expected that I'll be this so emotional that I'll write an entry about it. I can still feel all the goosebumps I had during this grandiose event. I am so sure that all the thomasians out there would feel the same way if ever they'll see this pic. I've never been this proud of UST. Thank you for imbuing me with unending grace.

*Thanks to Jesse Herrera. I don't know you personally but thanks for sharing this pic to everyone*

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Madame Butterfly

This aria from Puccini's Madama Butterfly really made me sad. I haven't seen the whole opera but I know that Cio Cio San here will die. The aria has a message of hope and my favorite Prima Donna Maria Callas really put a lot of emotion in it.

the english translation of the Italian aria

Un Bel Di Vedremo / One good day, we will see

One good day, we will see
Arising a strand of smoke
Over the far horizon on the sea
And then the ship appears
And then the ship is white
It enters into the port, it rumbles its salute
Do you see it? He is coming!
I don't go down to meet him, not I.
I stay upon the edge of the hill
And I wait a long time
but I do not grow weary of the long wait
And leaving from the crowded city,
A man, a little speck
Climbing the hill.
Who is it? Who is it?
as he arrives
What will he say? What will he say?
He will call Butterfly from the distance
I without answering
Stay hidden
A little to tease him,
A little as to not die.
At the first meeting,
And then a little troubled
He will call, he will call
"Little one, dear wife
Blossom of orange"
The names he called me at his last coming.
All this will happen,
I promise you this
Hold back your fears -
I with secure faith wait for him.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Original Prima Donna

First and foremost, "Prima Donna" is an Italian word for "First Lady", it's just that many Operatic Sopranos from the older days made the word synonymous to women who are temperamental, stubborn, vain, conceited et cetera. As I was blog hopping to the bag hag diaries, I found this picture of a birthday gift that was given by the oh so fabulous Imelda Marcos.

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photo courtesy of the bag hag diaries

Mrs. Marcos is such a diva. Now I have an idea on what I should give as presents to friends hahaha. I'll have my most fabulous picture printed, framed and signed and give it to a friend who's having a birthday. Well I did that back in college hahaha, but not as a birthday gift. I gave pictures of me in my most glamorous state and wrote a dedication on it as a parting gift to some of my college cliques hahaha!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Now I am so in love with rico maierhofer hahaha!

he's the one dancing on the left side. WTF!?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

power house divas

OMG! I never imagined that this day will come. Jennifer Holiday and Jennifer Hudson singing together the song that made the both of them. And I Am Telling You live at the 2007 BET Awards. Even Diana Ross who said that she didn't like Dream Girls gave the two divas a standing O.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


what if it's the other way around? What if homesexual relationships are the ones who are normal and the heterosexual relationships are the ones considered different? This gay themed short film will show you how it will look like if us gays are considered normal in this world.


you might recognize that the lead actress here is from 'eating out'

why is she always playing a fag hag?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

12 reasons why I will miss my BF homes

***I actually did this September last year for my friendster blog just a week before we moved here in Makati, that's why it's kinda dramatic***

waaaaaahhh.. I can't believe after this week we'll move to another village. I am still not yet ready for it. I basically grew up in BF, been staying here since 1998! but I never thought that I will fall in love with this place and I can't imagine that I will leave BF forever!

12 reasons why I will miss my BF homes

1. Our house: the house that heard all my vocalizations, late night concerts, voice rehearsals etc.

2. trikes: hahahahaha, the only trike that looked like a gondola of a ferris wheel, and they charge like a taxi! hahahaah

3. Streets: many streets became so memorable to me..especially Concha Cruz Drive where my house is located (the only street in BF that has an entire story in True Philippine Ghost Stories hahahaha) and streets that suffered while I was still having my driving lessons! Sorry! haha

4. SEX: no! it’s not what you think!, Sinangag EXpress, 24 hour fastfood!

5. BF MCDo: everytime I feel hungry after the long hours of commuting from UST and Makati, I make it a point to order a fries or a burger there!

6. Tropical Hut: grocery fabulouso! Hahahaha

7. Starbucks: the branch where I tasted my first Caramel Macchiato!

8. Ruins/Good Shepherd Bazaar: tiangge all year long! Instant movies in DVD even if it is not yet shown in cinemas

9. Parish of the Resurrection: The only church that can handle my Coloratura Soprano-esque voice haha

10. Boys: hot boys everywhere! Hahahaahahahahaha

11. People: everybody knows everybody, this is like a live version of friendster, you’ll have friends and acquaintances that know each other! Small world indeed!

12. Friends: you can’t find them in any village except in BF Homes, ParaƱaque..awwww huhuhu

Well there comes a time that you need to let go of cherished things and places and I guess now’s the time for me. (so much drama! I know) But well at least we are going back to the place where I learned how to swim like a mermaid haha, but then I will truly miss my BF for sure…

I’ve already seen our house in Magallanes Village, Makati and I can say that it’s much better compared to our house here in BF but it’s not that easy to make friends especially if you are new in that place (we’re not literally new because we had a place in Galleria de Magallanes before) I hope I can sleep well at night and I also hope that I will not feel home sicked. But I will truly promise that the Voice will be back! Hahahahaah can’t wait for the Return of the Voice.

***Now I can say that I much prefer staying here in Makati because this is like New York City, you can actually live here all your life without leaving the whole vicinity, because we have everything here. The only downer here is that I haven't got any friends yet in our village..hahaha (so what, as if I had friends in my neighborhood in BF Homes before. I only had friends in that village because I attended my junior and senior highschool there) aside from that, the city is perfect. Before, I actually dreamt of building my dream house in Ayala Alabang Village (I know! it's in another city but BF Homes and AAV are just near with each other), but when i found out that Makati is a much more modern and convenient place, I prefer to have my own house in either DasmariƱas Village or Forbes Park hahahaha***

Monday, May 21, 2007

Absinth/Bedspace Saturday

Last Saturday, my new gimmick BFF Chessy and I went out. As usual, our supposed "college friends" snubbed the two of us just decided to push it through. Well at first I was hesitant to go because we might get bored..haha.. We first visited Bedspace bar at GB3 so we can meet our friend Navi, who is the manager there. She gave us rhum coke for free! It feels so good to have fabulous friends hahaha, you get to go somewhere else and have lots of perks and fun. While enjoying our cigarettes and free drinks, 2 guys approached Navi who's in our table and talked to her. The first guy is so cocky / presko even though he's not that blessed with looks(i'm so mean), that he just sat there in our table automatically, he speaks English to everyone else even though they can speak fluently in Filipino, the other guy is kinda cute (hihi), he's tall and kinda look like my local celebrity crush *blush*. I thought at first the 2 of them just came here from America, but as our conversation went on, I found out that they were just working in a call center company.. Oh ok... I have nothing against people who are working as a call center agent, it's just that I find it a bit jarring that the two guys are showing off that they can speak English fluently... I mean, so what? As if it's French or something that it's so cool to be able to converse in it. The Philippines is an English speaking country, that language is part of the curriculum of every schools, colleges and universities here. Thank god the guy I'm speaking with during that night is kinda cute or else I could've snapped and told him, "Uhm, Earth calling you, we are in the Philippines and we all can speak Filipino here in this table".. (hmmm but don't you find me kinda hypocrite, that all my blog entries here are all in English? hahahaha well this is the world wide web.. We have blog hoppers here who are from other countries...) Thank God, the two guys left our table, I thought its like one of those "Bad dates" that you're stuck with, that I've been seeing on tv shows. Another manager friend of Navi invited us to drop by at Absinth, so we just went there for free!. The bar is so overloaded, its like being inside an overloaded public utility vehicle..urgh.. So we decided to go out just after 3 minutes. We went back to Bedspace and just talked to Navi. We noticed that the people there are starting to dissapear because the bar have already been out of beers (a bar without a beer is like suicide!). So Chessy and I decided to go back to Absinth even though it's so humid there.. It feels like the whole place is filled with hundreds of humidifiers... We just danced there like crazy up to 3am hahahaha!!!! Well the sounds there are too good that we just can't leave the place. After the dancing we were all so sweaty that we just decided to go home... Look at us!:


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I had an exam and interview just this afternoon for the Customer Service Representive position in Incoho. Their office is cozy but its just that I don't like the idea of working in a call center company. I did not actually apply for that position,the HR called me yesterday and interviewed me on the phone so I got caught in the situation where I was obliged to show up for that confirmed exam and interview, I had no choice. I'd like to start a job in a good and big company where I can assure my future with. Well while having my exam in Incoho, a woman from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China called me on my mobile phone and asked me if I know Mandarin. I said I know basic Mandarin 'coz I took 6 units of that language for my last year in college. So she asked me to introduce myself in Mandarin, I was so shocked, I panicked!. We weren't taught to do that in that way. What my Mandarin professor taught us were just simple Mandarin phrases not conversational and Mandarin is not that easy to learn. You really have to memorize unfamiliar words. I could've prepared a speech in Mandarin if I am informed prior to that. I could've reviewed and browsed my notes but it was impromptu! Well that's life! Maybe I am not meant to work in an embassy. And I applied for the office assistant position there. They should have just asked some Chinese person in China town for that job.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My last year in school was the best

I miss my UAAP basketball days last year.. I remember my friends and I would fall in line beside the Araneta Ticketbooth at 6 in the morning just to be able to buy tickets for the 3 Final Games. Its so unfair 'coz the supporters of the other team already have their names written on a paper in the ticket booth even prior to the day of the game, they just have to pay and pick it up without even falling in line. No muss, no fuss! Well I have nothing against those supporters, I just find it unfair. And we won, so all the sweat and blood that we wasted all paid off! Oh I can't describe the feelings that I had when our team won the last game. It's the mixture of school pride and ecstacy hahahah. I so miss it that I posted all the cheers that I screamed at the top of my lungs during the 69th UAAP season down here:

I think it was recorded by the UST Yellow Jackets. And in fairness! Some of the members are hunky and yummy! hihihihi But I have no pictures of them sadly.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Just this afternoon me, kb and keket went to our alma mater to get the pictures that the Red Images photographers took during our graduation. I hated some of my shots so I just took the 3 pre-paid copies. And I also got my drug testing results from our school's Hospital... Methamphetamine = NEGATIVE.. hello! I would never dare use that drug! (Locally named shabu and popularly known in the states as "Crystal Meth"). Tetrahydrocannabinol= NEGATIVE ..Woohoo! Been there done that..And I vowed not to try it again. (I think marijuana is legal if you have AIDS and Cancer or something). But I would say no to drugs! ok au revoir

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lil' L.O.V.E. - Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. Mariah and Bow wow

oooh la la! hot new record from Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. my diva Mariah and Bow wow.. for all of the fans of mariah's signature highnotes, you can find it during the ending part of the song

Lil' L.O.V.E.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

10 reasons why I should stay being Gay, Loud and Proud

I have this gay friend who transformed from a loud diva to just a plain-boring-straight-acting-gay. The reason why he did that is because he thinks that it is the biggest reason why he is still single at the age of 20. I totally denounced that because there are lots of loud gay men out there who had and have relationships with other gay men without even visiting "HOOKER'S VILLE". My friend would say that I should also start acting that way because he knows that I am desperately seeking for love. I just answered him, "if a person really loves me he should accept me whatever and whoever I am." I said that to him because I hate pretending like I'm someone else just to win a guy's heart. But don't get me wrong 'coz I'm not the type of gay that you can find in cheap salons here in the Philippines. I have class, I have a college degree from a good university, I live in an exclusive village in Makati for God's sake. So I decided to write a list about reasons why I should stay the way I am. I have nothing against straight acting gay men just for the record, I just can't see myself being like that.

These are my 10 reasons why i should stay being Gay, Loud and Proud!

1. I can't abandon my gift of music (e.g. belting out in falsetto, singing Soprano arias and hitting super highnotes)

2. Me being so gay that I can immitate moves from music videos easily (e.g. the "uh oh" crazy in love dance move, the Shakira-esque belly dancing)

3. I am so in touch with my bitchiness BUT in a good way (is there such thing as a good bitch? haha)

4. I am a very big Mariah fan ( I so love her that everybody would tell me that i move like her when i'm on stage)

5. DIVA has been my pseudonym for years now.

6. I love hearing and reading about celebrities' Prima Donna antics... I also want to emulate all of it in real life (e.g. the demands of Miranda Priestly, the late Maria Callas, Diana Ross, Mariah etcetera)

7. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace and the list goes on and on...

8. I am very temperamental just like the late opera diva Maria Callas

9. I can't think of myself waking up one morning and decide that I should look, act and dress like a straight MAN urgh!

10. I am too damn flamboyant!

Well those were some of the stuffs that i just can't leave behind. It has been a part of me ever since I became aware that I'm gay. Sometimes I am so thankful that I discovered, he has been such an inspiration to me when it comes to my image issues. I so praise him for being able to strut around the Metro carrying Louis Vuitton hand bags and wearing 4 inch designer shoes. "Le Superstar Fabuleux" indeed!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

MSN's Top 10 Biggest Divas

oh my! my favorite diva and idol mariah carey is named as the number 1 biggest diva by MSN Entertainment!

1. Mariah Carey The divamaniac may be improving her attitude. After all, she did fly coach to the set of her indie film Tenessee. On the other hand, she did make sure the stench of commoners didn't ruin the flight by booking out the entire section. When performing in Toronto, she put the entire show on hold when she spotted a hole in the stage she decsribed as the size of a high-heel point. But nothing can compare to the welcome wagon she demanded upon arriving at an English hotel: red carpet and white candles. Though it was 2 in the morning, Mariah wouldn't leave her limo until the arrangements had been made. J.Lo's Cuban bread is sounding pretty good right about now.

see the rest of the list of MSN's Top Ten Biggest Divas: MSN Entertainment


hmmmm.. i'm e.r. and this is my first blog entry. i'm a fresh graduate and currently looking for the "perfect job". i decided to do this 'coz i realized that i have a lot of time in my hands now. No more quizzes, term papers, prelims, finals etcetera! i am excited that i can be whatever i want already. i hope my soon to be blog entries would entertain all of you. ok ciao bella!