Monday, May 21, 2007

Absinth/Bedspace Saturday

Last Saturday, my new gimmick BFF Chessy and I went out. As usual, our supposed "college friends" snubbed the two of us just decided to push it through. Well at first I was hesitant to go because we might get bored..haha.. We first visited Bedspace bar at GB3 so we can meet our friend Navi, who is the manager there. She gave us rhum coke for free! It feels so good to have fabulous friends hahaha, you get to go somewhere else and have lots of perks and fun. While enjoying our cigarettes and free drinks, 2 guys approached Navi who's in our table and talked to her. The first guy is so cocky / presko even though he's not that blessed with looks(i'm so mean), that he just sat there in our table automatically, he speaks English to everyone else even though they can speak fluently in Filipino, the other guy is kinda cute (hihi), he's tall and kinda look like my local celebrity crush *blush*. I thought at first the 2 of them just came here from America, but as our conversation went on, I found out that they were just working in a call center company.. Oh ok... I have nothing against people who are working as a call center agent, it's just that I find it a bit jarring that the two guys are showing off that they can speak English fluently... I mean, so what? As if it's French or something that it's so cool to be able to converse in it. The Philippines is an English speaking country, that language is part of the curriculum of every schools, colleges and universities here. Thank god the guy I'm speaking with during that night is kinda cute or else I could've snapped and told him, "Uhm, Earth calling you, we are in the Philippines and we all can speak Filipino here in this table".. (hmmm but don't you find me kinda hypocrite, that all my blog entries here are all in English? hahahaha well this is the world wide web.. We have blog hoppers here who are from other countries...) Thank God, the two guys left our table, I thought its like one of those "Bad dates" that you're stuck with, that I've been seeing on tv shows. Another manager friend of Navi invited us to drop by at Absinth, so we just went there for free!. The bar is so overloaded, its like being inside an overloaded public utility vehicle..urgh.. So we decided to go out just after 3 minutes. We went back to Bedspace and just talked to Navi. We noticed that the people there are starting to dissapear because the bar have already been out of beers (a bar without a beer is like suicide!). So Chessy and I decided to go back to Absinth even though it's so humid there.. It feels like the whole place is filled with hundreds of humidifiers... We just danced there like crazy up to 3am hahahaha!!!! Well the sounds there are too good that we just can't leave the place. After the dancing we were all so sweaty that we just decided to go home... Look at us!:


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I had an exam and interview just this afternoon for the Customer Service Representive position in Incoho. Their office is cozy but its just that I don't like the idea of working in a call center company. I did not actually apply for that position,the HR called me yesterday and interviewed me on the phone so I got caught in the situation where I was obliged to show up for that confirmed exam and interview, I had no choice. I'd like to start a job in a good and big company where I can assure my future with. Well while having my exam in Incoho, a woman from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China called me on my mobile phone and asked me if I know Mandarin. I said I know basic Mandarin 'coz I took 6 units of that language for my last year in college. So she asked me to introduce myself in Mandarin, I was so shocked, I panicked!. We weren't taught to do that in that way. What my Mandarin professor taught us were just simple Mandarin phrases not conversational and Mandarin is not that easy to learn. You really have to memorize unfamiliar words. I could've prepared a speech in Mandarin if I am informed prior to that. I could've reviewed and browsed my notes but it was impromptu! Well that's life! Maybe I am not meant to work in an embassy. And I applied for the office assistant position there. They should have just asked some Chinese person in China town for that job.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My last year in school was the best

I miss my UAAP basketball days last year.. I remember my friends and I would fall in line beside the Araneta Ticketbooth at 6 in the morning just to be able to buy tickets for the 3 Final Games. Its so unfair 'coz the supporters of the other team already have their names written on a paper in the ticket booth even prior to the day of the game, they just have to pay and pick it up without even falling in line. No muss, no fuss! Well I have nothing against those supporters, I just find it unfair. And we won, so all the sweat and blood that we wasted all paid off! Oh I can't describe the feelings that I had when our team won the last game. It's the mixture of school pride and ecstacy hahahah. I so miss it that I posted all the cheers that I screamed at the top of my lungs during the 69th UAAP season down here:

I think it was recorded by the UST Yellow Jackets. And in fairness! Some of the members are hunky and yummy! hihihihi But I have no pictures of them sadly.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Just this afternoon me, kb and keket went to our alma mater to get the pictures that the Red Images photographers took during our graduation. I hated some of my shots so I just took the 3 pre-paid copies. And I also got my drug testing results from our school's Hospital... Methamphetamine = NEGATIVE.. hello! I would never dare use that drug! (Locally named shabu and popularly known in the states as "Crystal Meth"). Tetrahydrocannabinol= NEGATIVE ..Woohoo! Been there done that..And I vowed not to try it again. (I think marijuana is legal if you have AIDS and Cancer or something). But I would say no to drugs! ok au revoir

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lil' L.O.V.E. - Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. Mariah and Bow wow

oooh la la! hot new record from Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. my diva Mariah and Bow wow.. for all of the fans of mariah's signature highnotes, you can find it during the ending part of the song

Lil' L.O.V.E.