Tuesday, June 19, 2007

12 reasons why I will miss my BF homes

***I actually did this September last year for my friendster blog just a week before we moved here in Makati, that's why it's kinda dramatic***

waaaaaahhh.. I can't believe after this week we'll move to another village. I am still not yet ready for it. I basically grew up in BF, been staying here since 1998! but I never thought that I will fall in love with this place and I can't imagine that I will leave BF forever!

12 reasons why I will miss my BF homes

1. Our house: the house that heard all my vocalizations, late night concerts, voice rehearsals etc.

2. trikes: hahahahaha, the only trike that looked like a gondola of a ferris wheel, and they charge like a taxi! hahahaah

3. Streets: many streets became so memorable to me..especially Concha Cruz Drive where my house is located (the only street in BF that has an entire story in True Philippine Ghost Stories hahahaha) and streets that suffered while I was still having my driving lessons! Sorry! haha

4. SEX: no! it’s not what you think!, Sinangag EXpress, 24 hour fastfood!

5. BF MCDo: everytime I feel hungry after the long hours of commuting from UST and Makati, I make it a point to order a fries or a burger there!

6. Tropical Hut: grocery fabulouso! Hahahaha

7. Starbucks: the branch where I tasted my first Caramel Macchiato!

8. Ruins/Good Shepherd Bazaar: tiangge all year long! Instant movies in DVD even if it is not yet shown in cinemas

9. Parish of the Resurrection: The only church that can handle my Coloratura Soprano-esque voice haha

10. Boys: hot boys everywhere! Hahahaahahahahaha

11. People: everybody knows everybody, this is like a live version of friendster, you’ll have friends and acquaintances that know each other! Small world indeed!

12. Friends: you can’t find them in any village except in BF Homes, ParaƱaque..awwww huhuhu

Well there comes a time that you need to let go of cherished things and places and I guess now’s the time for me. (so much drama! I know) But well at least we are going back to the place where I learned how to swim like a mermaid haha, but then I will truly miss my BF for sure…

I’ve already seen our house in Magallanes Village, Makati and I can say that it’s much better compared to our house here in BF but it’s not that easy to make friends especially if you are new in that place (we’re not literally new because we had a place in Galleria de Magallanes before) I hope I can sleep well at night and I also hope that I will not feel home sicked. But I will truly promise that the Voice will be back! Hahahahaah can’t wait for the Return of the Voice.

***Now I can say that I much prefer staying here in Makati because this is like New York City, you can actually live here all your life without leaving the whole vicinity, because we have everything here. The only downer here is that I haven't got any friends yet in our village..hahaha (so what, as if I had friends in my neighborhood in BF Homes before. I only had friends in that village because I attended my junior and senior highschool there) aside from that, the city is perfect. Before, I actually dreamt of building my dream house in Ayala Alabang Village (I know! it's in another city but BF Homes and AAV are just near with each other), but when i found out that Makati is a much more modern and convenient place, I prefer to have my own house in either DasmariƱas Village or Forbes Park hahahaha***


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